Important Notice to SA Members: Use of MODSIM 2013 proceeds



ASOR National is currently holding $12,850, which it has earmarked for the ASOR South Australia branch (ASOR-SA), being the proceeds from the ASOR 2013 conference which was held in conjunction with MODSIM 2013. As ASOR-SA is currently not functioning and in keeping with the wishes of South Australian members and the wider membership who attended the ASOR General Meeting held at MODSIM 2015, this money will no longer be held for ASOR-SA and will be allocated to the ASOR national body for use in any ASOR national activities. Should you wish to object to this planned reallocation of funds, please do so by raising your objection in an email to treasurer{atsymb} by 30 November 2016. The ASOR national executive will then consider any objections prior to finalizing the reallocation of the funds.