1. ASOR THURSDAY AFTERNOON SEMINARS -- recommencing 17 June 2021 see ASOR Seminars.
  2. ASOR at MODSIM 2021, ASOR is pleased to be part of MODSIM again in 2021, this time in Sydney in December, see the MODSIM 2021 Website.

ASOR Thursday Afternoon Seminars

ASOR's live streaming presentations about OR and analytics return at 4.30pm every Thursday afternoons starting on 17 June 2021. See ASOR Seminars where alongside the current seminar program we have recordings of past presentations which are posted on ASOR's vimeo account.


About the Australian Society for Operations Research

The Australian Society For Operations Research (ASOR) was founded on 1st January, 1972 and has about 200 members nationwide. ASOR, like other OR societies in other nations, is affiliated to the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS).

The Society's objectives are to:

  • Foster the development of the science of Operations Research.
  • Foster the application of Operations Research wherever appropriate.
  • Foster the widest possible exchange of information and ideas on Operations Research and related subjects.
  • Define standards of knowledge in and to further the study of Operations Research.

ASOR serves the professional needs of OR analysts, managers, students and educators by publishing a National Bulletin and News, and running events including Conferences and Seminars. We have annual awards for achievement (the ASOR Ren Potts Medal) and up-and-coming people in OR (the ASOR Rising Star Award).

The society serves as a focal point for operations researchers to communicate with each other and to reach out to other professional societies. We run a mailing list for broadcasting information, a Youtube Channel for recorded seminars and tutorials, a LinkedIn Group for discussions and networking, and we also have a Twitter account @ASOR_news. We're a Membership-based organisation, welcoming anyone with an interest in the area.

ASOR Seminar
Professor Costa's ASOR Seminar at RMIT during 2014